reliable automatic switching gas cylinder system

Reliable Automatic Switching Gas Cylinder System

Get an affordable, reliable, gas cylinder automatic changeover system for your restaurant, brewery, pool or grow operation. Our “Eliminator” fail-safe automatic gas cylinder switchover system provides:

Features of Our Eliminator

  • Quick setup and operational use
  • Increased efficiency compared with electronic changeover systems
  • Loss of product is minimized
  • Ability to work with CO2 or nitrogen cylinders

Automatic Gas Cylinder Changeover System Applications

As a dependable automatic gas cylinder changeover system, the Eliminator can be customized with unlimited configurations. Applications that benefit from our non-automated changeover system include:

brewing gas


CO2 and Nitrogen gas to continuously supply smooth running beer

water treatment

Water Treatment

CO2 to balance pH levels in your pools, spas, and waterparks

Laboratory Applications

Ensure a consistent supply of laboratory gases to your experiment


Bars & Restaurants

CO2 tanks used to carbonate beverages in restaurants and bars

grow industry

Grow Operations

CO2 Gas is used to maximum plant growth

high performing changeover system

A High-Performance Changeover System You Can Trust

Backed by a 20-year warranty and over 30 years of automatic gas changeover system expertise, Assurance Valve manufactures affordable, highly reliable gas changeover systems for a wide variety of industries and application uses.

We look forward to working with you to create the most efficient gas changeover system for your business requirements.

The Eliminator - Applications, Features & Benefits Video

An overview of the industries and applications where The Eliminator auto-switching gas cylinder systems are used, including pools and spas, restaurants, grow rooms, and breweries, using CO2, nitrogen and brew gas cylinders.

the eliminator applications features and benefits

Find the Right Auto-Switching Gas Changeover System Today

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